[Isabelle Lancray] ILSA-PRO Excellence Treatment

Excellence Treatment

ILSA-PRO EXCELLENCE is the pinnacle achievement in skincare akin to a rebirth of your youthful skin. The scientifically applications of the award winning products help cement this magical experience.

Peeling Enzymatique Intense
A foaming, enzymatic peeling tones the skin baby soft. It regenerates skin to bring back firmness and even tone.

Matrice Anti-Rides
The highly concentrated Anti-Age-active agent, serum "Matrice Anti-Rides", is a key-product of the treatment that brings back a visibly appearance of youthfulness. Two mask phases intensify penetration to help achieve this.

Crème de Massage
The following mask phase requires a beforehand massage of several minutes using this precious cream. A warm facial pillow is utilized at the end to intensify penetration and for relaxation.

Masque Bijou
It is an exclusive gold-shimmering cooling algae mask. It timely refreshes the skin after the warm mask, bringing a stress-free balance.

Elixir de Jour
This luxurious day cream completes this wellness treatment seamlessly. The skin feels new born - profoundly relaxed, visibly regenerated, velvety-softened and smoothed.

The application of this "Enlumineur" on décolleté, neckline and cheek bones illuminates discreetly a glamorous appearance that you will never forget!