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Isabelle Lancray Egostyle line with liposome for dehydrated skin.
2.94509_il_cream-hydro-active_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Cream Hydro Active

A 24-hr moisturizer.

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2.96509_il_revitalizing-night-cream_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Revitalizing Night Cream

A dynamic blend of plant active...

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2.97020_il_hyaluronic-filler_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Hyaluronic Filler

Oil free serum.

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2.97030_il_hyaluronic-total-repair_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Hyaluronic Total Repair

Intensive treatment for demanding skin.

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2.97040_il_revelateur-declat-hyaluronique_10ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Revelateur D'eclat Hyaluronique (Dark Shadow Eraser)

Intensive eye emulsion.

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2.98509_il_eye-contour-gel_25ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Eye Contour Gel

Liposome filled eye gel.

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2.99209_il_anti-stress-creamy-gel_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Anti Stress Creamy Gel

Suitable for use as a 24-hr skin care...

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