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Isabelle Lancray Basic Care line for daily use.
1.11507_il_foaming-cleanser-mousse-minute_150ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Foaming Cleanser Mousse Minute

Gentle with deep cleansing ability.

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1.11520_il_mild-facial-peeling-gel_150ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Mild Facial Peeling Gel

Gently exfoliates to give a luminous...

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1.15020_il_foaming-cream-soap_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Foaming Cream Soap

For oily or problem skin.

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1.15025_il_soothing-lotion_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Soothing Lotion

For oily or combination skin.

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1.16700_il_cleansing-emulsion_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Cleansing Emulsion

For dry or dehydrated skin.

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1.16705_il_natural-lotion_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Natural Lotion

Ultra moist lotion that softens the...

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1.18010_il_calming-cleansing-milk_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Calming Cleansing Milk

Mild cleansing fluid soothes sensitive...

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1.18015_il_calming-lotion_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Calming Lotion

Alcohol free toner for sensitive skin.

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2.90009_il_refreshing-tonic_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Refreshing Tonic

For normal skin type.

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2.91009_il_cleansing-milk_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Soft Cleansing Milk

For normal skin type. Light and gentle...

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