[Isabelle Lancray] Aquamarin Treatment

Aquamarin Treatment

The Auamarin Re-energizing Facial Treatment incorporates

Deep sea algae concentrate
• Deliver sufficient supply of mineral and micro-nutrients
• Clarifies, moisturizes and firms while smooths wrinkles for a long-lasting rejuvenating look

Hyluronic Filler
• A natural moisturizer creates genuine moisture reserves to give the skin youthful appearance.
• Prevents the formation of new wrinkles and smooths existing wrinkles caused by dry skin
• Fragrance-free
• Stimulates the body’s natural production of new collagen and elastint
• Visibly reduces wrinkle depth

Massage Creme Detente Aquamarin
• A fine selection of oils, concentrated deep sea active substance complexes nurture and visibly revitalize the skin.
• Deep sea Polysaccharides relieve stressed skin, inhibit the formation of allergens and promote wound healing.
• With the TEWL effect, skin regains its elasticity.
• Intensely replenishes the lipids of the skin; Smoothing, nurturing; Promotes wound healing ; Stimulates the metabolism ; Anti-stress effect, anti-aging effect