[Isabelle Lancray] SURMER - Hot and Cold Stone Treatment

with Sodalite shell stone massage

Surmer Treatment

SURMER contain extracts from the exotic plants from the South Pacific. Ingredients used for centuries by the Hawaiians to protect their skin against the interplay of wind, sun and water. Helping the body to retain moisture and natural balance. In addition, through the minute Nanopearls®, these traditional South Pacific plant derived raw materials can be effectively delivered to the skin layers where they are most needed.

Surmer Shell Stone Facial Massage (approx. 18 minutes)

One Surmer Stone Set is needed:
consists of three sodalite shell stones

two lava neck stones (oval, approx. 6-8 cm in diameter) and two lava body stones (flat, approx. 5 cm in diameter)

sodalite rock sodalite stone 1 sodalite stone 2

The deep blue, opaque sodalite is related to lapis lazuli not only due to its color, but also mineralogically. It is, so to speak, the more modest brother because its inclusions are white and not golden as in lapis lazuli. Its name is derived from the Greek words soda = salt and lithos = stone, which suggests the high salt content of the stone. In antiquity, sodalite was known as the artist’s stone. It was the constant companion of singers, sculptors, painters and poets. This tradition lasted into the Middle Ages, but in subsequent centuries, the belief in sodalite as a healing and protective stone was somewhat forgotten before it was rediscovered in the 19th century.

Sodalite contains many minerals and trace elements that our body needs: sodium carbonate, zinc, manganese and calcium. Mineral-forming sodium works initially at the physical level and promotes circulation, helps to relieve rheumatism and improves cellular metabolism and blood flow. Aluminum compensates for hyperacidity and helps against debility. Sodalite’s influence is seen especially in the activation of the lymphatic system, which, in turn, strengthens the immune system. Sodalite has a harmonizing effect on the glands and supports hormone production that stimulates growth and thus cell renewal and metabolism. Sodalite calms the nerves and lowers blood pressure, which reduces stress on the heart.

Other elements are known to work at the psychological level. Potassium contributes to contentment and helps reduce hypersensitivity. Beryllium endows vision and clarity, and magnesium contributes to relaxation. As a mineral of volcanic origin, sodalite helps a person to discover and live according to his or her own nature.

Energetically, sodalite works best through the brow or sixth chakra (central stone). Its color has a soothing and cooling effect on the client, increases reflection and helps organize the thoughts.

Lava stones
Lava Stones

Smooth, shiny volcanic stones retain heat for long periods. Hot stones of various sizes are placed under the neck and on the energy points of the solar plexus and thymus gland from where they radiate their pleasant feeling of warmth. The energy flow in the body is stimulated and harmonized. The improved blood circulation supplies cells and tissues with increased levels of oxygen.

Surmer shell stone facial massage for vitality and well-being

Energy flow is the foundation on which our health rests. Hence, every organic disorder, every feeling of tension and every painful condition can be traced back to interference in this flow. The overriding objective of the Surmer facial massage is to activate the energy flow and to restore the energy balance, thus inducing the self-healing powers of the body.

Many acupuncture points are located on the face. These can be stimulated through the special massage technique using stones with heat, gentle pressure and movement, which, in turn, activates and improves the energy flow in the meridians.

The effect of the treatment is enhanced by the healing energy of the sodalite shell stones employed. Heating the healing stones additionally intensives their effect. The blood flow in the entire face is increased, and more warmth and oxygen reach the individual cells. The thermal stimuli that the sensory receptors of the skin experience through the warm shell stones promote detoxification and regeneration, the complexion improves and wrinkles are reduced. The treatment boosts vitality and imparts more drive and energy. After one application, the face is pleasantly invigorated and feels warm and soft.

Projection of the parts of the body on the face

Projection of the parts of the body on the face