[Dr.Rimpler] Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment

Various Stages to Treat Acne Skin

1. Purifying Treatment, using Dr. Rimpler’s various acne products
a. Clears back heads
b. Controls lipid secretion
c. Helps ontrol inflammation

2. Detoxification of acne skin with White Baltic Gold Treatment
a. Harmonizes acid base balance
b. Improves complexion
c. Anti-inflammatory, promotes healing

3. Dr. Rimpler’s Flower Acids Treatment for Acne Skin a. Helps control re-occurrence of acne problems
b. Targets pimples developed in deep skin layer
c. Smoothens acne scarring

4. Post Acne treatment with Dr. Rimpler’s Beauty Mineral Mask
a. Helps epair acne damaged skin
b. Hydrates the skin to soften and smooth it
c. Promotes metabolism for skin regeneration