Isabelle Lancray Paris

[Puraline detox] Anti Spot Gel

Ref. 1.15090

Skin Type: All skin types, Acne skin, Mature skin, Oily skin, Dehydrated skin, Combination skin
Volume/Type: 15ml tube
Rating: Not Rated Yet

A film forming gel spot product, especially for the regulation of local inflammations and impurities due to seborrhea. The instant fixed film former supports the exact spot, with the active agents. A cocktail of herbal raw materials in combination with salicylic acid regulates very gentle the seborrhea, avoids excessive hornification, improves the sebum metabolism and impurities subside much quicker.


Apply locally, allow to dry, then as usual apply the Puraline detox serum and finish with the cream. To finish a clarifying Puraline-Detox-facial treatment apply the “Gel Anti-Spot” locally on pustules and papules, allow drying. For the finish the Puraline detox Pure Complexion Concentrate serum and Perfecting 24hr. Detox Cream are highly recommended.

Active Ingredients

A combination of zinc salt, iris extract and vitamin A against impurities;
Cyclodextrin; Salicylic acid to decrease excessive hornification.


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