Acne Products

Purity Gel, Tonic, Clear Up Foam, Balance Gel, Protective Cream, Antisept

PURITY (Cleanser with anti-phlogistic effect)

An intensively purifying cleanser developed for the blemish and inflammation-prone skin. It is intensively anti-inflammatory through the inhibition of arachidonic acid that plays a key role in causing inflammatory reactions.

Active Ingredients: Surface active agents from wheat, Oregon grape and ribwort with berberine, acetoside, apple extract, salicylic aid

Characteristics: Clarifying and refreshing, keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, selective antibacterial activity

How to use: With water, work into lather on the face to thoroughly remove dirt particles. Thoroughly rinse off the remains with water and, afterwards, apply toner to the skin.

Other points: Fat-free, mild wash gel for the deep cleansing of oily and inflammation-and blemish-prone skin. A mixture of extracts from plants (such as apple extract), as well as salicylic acid has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is intensively soothing and clarifying for the skin.

TONIC (refreshing tonic with alcohol)

Based on the extracts of witch hazel and pansy the Tonic soothes and refreshes the skin. It invigorates and improves the texture of the skin, by helping to stabilize the secretion of sebum. Enriched with camphor it is at the same time anti-inflammatory.

Active agents: witch hazel, pansy, bisabolol, camphor

Characteristics: anti-inflammatory action, stabilizing, refreshing, soothing

Application: Used every morning and evening together with the Dr. RIMPLER Basic Cleanser, it complements the action of the latter. Dab on with cotton and let dry.

CLEAR UP FOAM (Antiseptic foam for extensive application)

The ultimate skin care product for inflammation-prone oily and problem skin, targeting problem skin such as hardening of sebum and bacterial flora imbalances. Clear Up Foam can be used on its own as a skin-care concentrate or use under Balance Gel to increase the effect of its “triple-active complex”. It is a patented mixture of plant-derived surfactants that dissolve hardened sebum; its anti-bacterial components work against different bacteria such as propionibacteria and wound-infecting bacteria. Its active ingredients berberine from Oregon grape extract and acteoside from plantain slow the conversion of arachidonic acid that plays a key role in inflammatory reactions.

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid, Oregon grape and plantain with berberine and acteoside, mixture of plant antibacterial surfactants as described by Dr. Straetman Characteristics: Keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimycotic

Application: After cleansing, generously apply Dr. RIMPLER Clear Up Foam to all inflammation-prone areas (face, throat, décolleté and back). With the special pump-head that creates a soft foam, an small amount of the product can be thinly spread over large areas. It is very economical to use. IMPORTANT: It can be mistakenly viewed as a cleanser because of its foaming appearance. On the contrary it is a concentrate / serum. Active substances in the products are usually those found in other anti-bacteria ampoules. Make sure to leave it on the face after application.

BALANCE GEL (Liposome-Gel)

This light-textured and refreshing facial gel penetrates instantly. The double action of the Liposome and a special anti--inflammatory enzyme helps skin to regain and maintain its ideal moisture/oil level, helping to solve problems of impure skin.

Active agents: Witch hazel, pansy, allantoin, liposomes, natural complex of enzymes

Characteristics: Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, stabilizing


Helps improve the appearance of acne skin. It purifies, cleans and softens the skin to regain clarity.

Active agents: aloe vera, witch hazel, pansy, vitamin E

Characteristic: anti-inflammatory, cleaning, moisturizing, protecting; sebum regulator

ANTISEPT (Zinc oxide ointment)

The product was created for the local application against acne. Powerfully enriched with chamomile and wheat, bisabolol; other active ingredients include zinc oxide, jojobaoil, vitamin A and E, allantoin. It balances impure skin.

Characteristics: anti-inflammatory, encourage healing and purifying