From Germany with this Prescription

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From Germany with this Prescription

1: Non-evasive Deep Cleansing

  • Formulated for acne-prone oily skin: Use Dr.Rimpler Purity Gel ref. 605. An effective formulation to purify problem skin that shows impurity and inflammation. It is a plant based complex to target specific bacteria that cause acne. Apply it to skin with water then rinse it off.
  • For Acne-prone sensitive dry skin: Use Cleansing Cream ref. 454.

2: Calming and Balancing Toners

  • Acne-prone oily skin: Dr.Rimpler UseClear Tonic Ref. 600(helps control inflammation and excessive lipid production).
  • Acne-prone sensitive dry skin: Use Use Tonic Sensitive ref. 700(helps control inflammation; has calming effect. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

3a: Prescription for deeply buried acne and white-head acne: Use Dr.Rimpler Clarifying Oil Concentrate N0. 8 ref. 380

  • It helps dissolve excessive lipids accumulated under the skin that has turned lumpy and hardened, exposing the white heads for easy extraction.

3b: Prescription for seriously inflamed acne: Use Dr.Rimler Clear Up Foam serum ref.660

  • It helps reduce inflammation. Apply it on the inflamed area of the skin after the aforementioned procedure.
  • It helps reduce inflammation and clarify acne affected skin. This is a foaming concentrate for acne. Do not wash it away after application.

3c: Prescription for inflamed acne: Use Ferment Complex Serum ref. 395.1

  • It targets specific bacteria that cause inflammation. Helps clear impurity and renew skin cells to speed up recovery

4. To supplement healing, the following Dr.Rimpler products are recommended:

  • Balancing Gel ref. 625, through Liposome technology, it helps control excessive lipid production and reduce inflammation. It helps reduce skin pore size and it moisturizes.
  • Protective Cream ref. 620. Formulated for acne prone dry skin. With its anti-inflammatory property, it helps speed up skin renewal.
  • Hydro-Gel Sensitive ref. 470, it moisturizes acne prone sensitive skin.

5. Use Dr. Rimpler Masks to improved the appearance of acne inflicted skin

  • Mask Teint Perfect ref. 410 It improves skin pore size, helps nurture moisture-lacking skin to overcome its over-sensitive problem that causes some types of acne to flare up.
  • Mask Lipid Balance ref. 400. It helps control excessive lipid production and reduce inflammation