Isabelle Lancray Paris

64 years and 43 Countries of distribution

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A Botox® -Like Action in Home Care Products
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Isabelle Lancray Beaulift Isabelle Lancray Beaulift Anti-wrinkle Isabelle Lancray Beaulift Anti-wrinkle

Beaulift Sérum jeunesse du visage jour et nuit (24 hr Serum)

Non-evasively suppress muscle contractions to achieve Botox ® like action to visibly reduce wrinkles This highly effective serum is to be used in conjunction with Beaulift creams

Beaulift Crème Sérum tenseur fermeté pour le Cou: (Neck Serum)

An exclusive serum with an immediate toning effect for regenerating the extremely delicate neck skin. State-of-the-art biotechnological raw materials increase the water-binding capacity and endow new elasticity to the skin An anti-aging extract from the walnut counteracts the signs of aging

Beaulift Serum Eclat du Regard: (Eye Serum)

Based on sugar emulsifiers that ensure excellent skin compatibility Contains very little perfume oil and no preservatives A synthetic tetrapeptide demonstrably reduces tear sacs under the eyes Stabilized quercetin reduces dark circles under the eyes by stimulating the microcirculation Clinical study demonstrates tear sacs reduction up to 60% and dark circle visibly diminished within 28 days

Beaulift Crème jeunesse du visage – jour (Day Cream)

Gently suppresses muscle contraction to achieve the effect of wrinkle reduction A vital complex that protects and enhances the freshness and elasticity of the skin

Beaulift Crème jeunesse du visage – nuit (Night Cream)

A rich anti-wrinkle night cream with a long lasting effect especially for dry and demaning skin The nano-encapsulated ingredients compensate for the loss of lipids and moisture from the skin Micronized collagen of marine origin keeps water in the epidermis. The moisture fills out fine wrinkles and tones the skin from within

The New Generation Anti-Wrinkle Concept

(Use precious indgredients)

Beaulift Soft Peptide (Argireline ®)

A save alternative to botulinum toxin for wrinkle reduction

Gatuline ‘Age Defense ®

Causes natural collagen synthesis for healthy looking skin

Liftonine ®

Bioactive substances of plant origin for smoothness and tone

Vitaderm ®

Invisible film for protection and collagen systhesis for skin smoothness

Marine Filling Spheres ®

Micronized collagen and GAGs create long lasting moisturizing effect

Hyaluronic Filling Sphere ®

Micronized spheres coated with hyaluronic acid for long lasting moisturizing effect, skin fullness and minimization of small wrinkles

Marshmallow ECO®

Extends the effect of hyaluronic filling sphere and strengthens connective tissue for younger looking skin

Leuphasyl ®

A peptide, like Argireline targets the reversible inhibition of muscle contractions to safely reduce the appearance wrinkles


Stands for Derma Membrane Structure is composed of substances identical to those found in skin sebum. DMS becomes deposited around corneocytes in the same way as skin sebum to repair damaged areas and promote penetration of active substance.